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All coaching plans are personalized to your needs and your goals.  Coaching starts with a minimum 3 month commitment to support you to get clarity, confidence and momentum to step into your bigger vision. 


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$ 1125 Monthly
  • Deep dive on your needs and goals (discovery session 90 mins)
  • 3 sessions - 60 mins
  • Session recap emails detailing key learnings and next step accountabilities
  • Support between coaching sessions
  • Personalized Coaching Report
  • 1 private virtual alternate health modality monthly (breath work, meditation, guided visualizations, sound bath, reiki, etc.)
  • Gifts and resources throughout customized to your journey
White Glove


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$ 625 Monthly
  • Deep dive on your needs and goals (discovery session 90 mins)
  • 2 sessions - 60 mins
  • Session recap emails detailing key learnings and next step accountabilities
  • Support between coaching sessions
  • Personalized Coaching Report


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$ 475 Monthly
  • Deep dive on your needs and goals (discovery session 90 mins)
  • 2 sessions - 45 mins
  • Support between coaching sessions
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Supporting ambitious women in all aspects of life to:

  • Let go of old patterns
  • Bring in new ways of thinking
  • Going deep into what empowers you to flourish

Career Changes

“Kate is the quintessential coach and thought-provoker. I reached out to Kate during a point in my career where I was unsure of my next move and needed help navigating through the noise and she was able to provide the assurance I was missing.

Her reinforcement and consistent support was tailored to my obstacles and her strategic coaching allowed me to consider opportunities I never would have thought of otherwise. I'd recommend Kate to any career professional, regardless of seniority, as she has the ability to connect on a personal level while delivering outstanding clarity and meaningfulness. 5 stars!”

Darija A. -


“Kate was incredible to work with. She has a way of holding space that allowed me to bring so much to the surface. Rather than analyzing and prescribing a formula for me to follow based on what came up during our conversations, she led me through questions that allowed me to be curious and interested in what was present.  What transpired throughout our coaching was transformative for me. Committing time to work on myself with Kate provided me with the space to allow things in my life to shift. Kate helped me shift them and expand into something bigger.  She is kind, compassionate, able to hold space and also push you to get curious to what’s present for you in the moment and how to work with it to grow and evolve.”

- Jen A.

Business Start Ups

“Kate is your ultimate guide to finding and achieving your own unique definition of success. She believes in your potential and will cheer you on every step of the way. In each session she takes you on a journey to reveal the sides of yourself that you’ll need to reach your goals on your own. When this journey ventures outside of your comfort zone, Kate’s right there alongside you, leading you forward with confidence and coaching expertise. Working with Kate is an adventure of self-exploration well worth taking!"

- Lindsay M.

Influencer & Entrepreneurs

“Coaching with Kate was more than I bargained for in all the right ways. I left all of our sessions feeling like I was improving on a mind, body and soul level. While still moving forward in a practical sense with my goals, being held accountable to myself and feeling like things were improving in ways I wouldn't have imagined.

I can't recommend her enough, her energy is infectious and her approach to coaching is like nothing I have tried before.”

- Francesca B.


“Kate is an active listener and creates a safe, judgement-free space during her coaching sessions. She has an uncanny ability to clearly put into words exactly how you are feeling, even if you aren’t able to articulate those ideas yourself. I walked away from our session feeling open, inspired and ready for the next step. Kate clearly outlines practical, manageable strategies that I could implement moving forward and made the whole experience feel upbeat and personalized. She is intuitive and genuinely passionate about coaching. Her energy is infectious!”

- Danielle N.

Corporate Leadership

Thank you so much Kate for all your help and support during our 6 months of leadership coaching. This was a great opportunity for me to develop my leadership capabilities and examine what type of leader I want to be. You have empowered me with the knowledge and resources to help me achieve my goals!” 

-Marci V.

Corporate with dreams of new business ventures

"Kate radiates positive energy that is very authentic. I instantly felt comfortable with telling her about myself shortly after we met. It felt like I was talking to my best friend during our sessions. Before I started the coaching relationship, I didn’t think I needed a coach since I already have goals and aspirations. This mindset quickly shifted as Kate’s value became crystal clear after the first session. Coaching gave me a better sense of self-awareness and self-compassion that resulted in improvements with relationships – whether it be with my boyfriend, brother, colleagues, or myself!”
- Elaine T.

Supporting Confidence in Emerging Leaders

“In a short period of time coaching has helped me identify issues affecting my confidence, and made me realize that I control my thoughts and influence my mindset.  Having Kate as a coach allowed me to learn about myself in a completely different way and helped me access awareness that I didn’t know I had. I wouldn’t consider myself an introspective person and I was able to tap into this part of myself.  Kate always led me to answer my own questions.  Knowing the answers came from me made me realize that I have the ability to deepen my self-awareness and that I am in choice with my accountabilities.  Now I understand most of my limitations are created by my own unconstructive thoughts and that I have the ability to consciously shift my mindset, to build on my self-worth and confidence."

- Lia F.

Corporate Leadership for women to excel to higher levels

“Kate encouraged me and helped me be accountable, while also challenging and bringing awareness to my words when needed.  I was guided through thought provoking conversations, realizations and concepts that I will keep with me forever.  I recommend Kate's coaching to everyone - what better investment than in yourself!"

- Tejal M.

Notes from Clients - Founder/CEO

"Last night felt truly magical you are so gifted and incredible at your job!!! Thanks again for taking the time to work with me I really feel so clear and excited about where I’m headed and how I know how to get there." - Lindsay K.

Notes from Clients -
Employee turned Founder

"It's happening! Three months earlier than I planned. I resigned from my job and am ready to hit the ground running to work for myself full time. EEEE! I have to admit, I was nervous when you told me to put a date to things but I think having a rough date in my head really held me accountable and made me realized I have to do it. Just wanted to say thank you, your coaching inspired me more than you know!" - Rachel M.

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