Doing vs. Being

Finding yourself out of balance?

Visualize a balancing scale. Self-check on how balanced your scales are on “being” vs. “doing”. Which way does the scale tip?

All people, regardless of gender identity have feminine “being” and masculine “doing” energies. If you are feeling overwhelm or just ‘blah’, likely you are too far in one energy.

As our society always splits things into polarities (i.e. good/bad, yes/no, black/white, man/woman), there is a limiting belief that there is more value in doing (i.e. the hustle, being too busy, etc. OR the internal pressure that you aren’t doing enough, that you are lazy). No wonder so many of us are victims to burnout.

It is time to place our feminine energies as the priority. It’s time for us to go inward where the emphasis is on caring for self and others, compassion, understanding and love.

✨We need to surrender and release the control of outcomes vs. control what’s in & out of our control
✨We need to get closer to our inner wisdom vs. comparing ourselves to others
✨We need to lead with our hearts and our intuition vs. only using our rational/logical brain
✨We need to take a walk in nature, embrace our creativity and literally CHILL OUT vs. putting things like this on the back burner to do errands, write emails or get another thing off the to-do list

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend full of being, relaxing and choosing to lean in to our feminine energies♥️.

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